Gartner : Managed Services Are Dead, Long Live Managed Services!

While driving digital initiatives to grow revenue and business, 55% of business leaders are promoting or scaling digital business, and 51% expect to change the business model in the next three years or are already doing it.

To drive these digital business efforts, 56% of business leaders engage with service providers for long-term development and maintenance. Moreover, service providers have ample opportunities in the area of ongoing support and operations (managed services) to address digital business initiatives. About one in three business leaders (31%) say their organization is planning to engage with a service provider while operating digital business solutions.

By 2023, 63% of global managed service providers (MSPs) will gain their revenue through digital business infrastructure operations (DBIO).

However, generic IT managed services are exclusively related to run, maintain and support enterprise IT environments (e.g. infrastructure managed services, data center managed services, managed workplace services or service desk managed services) – making sure that employees are able to work. But these services do not support a digital business initiative nor solution. The next evolutionary step are cloud managed services. But the majority of cloud managed service providers are still using the cloud to merely take care of enterprise IT workloads, rather than contribute to business outcomes.

Coutinue at source : Gartner blogs