Does your company use multiple Public Cloud Providers ? Use Azure Cost Management to control your spend

It’s common for enterprises to run workloads on more than one cloud provider; however, adopting a multi-cloud strategy comes with complexities like handling different cost models, varying billing cycles, and different cloud designs that can be difficult to navigate across multiple dashboards and views.

Azure Cost Management now offers cross-cloud support. This is available in preview and can play a critical role in helping you efficiently and effectively managing your organization’s multi-cloud needs. Onboard your AWS costs via an easy-to-use cloud connector to get a single view of your expenditures, so you can analyze and budget for the future in one place.

Analyzing Azure and AWS spend with cost analysis

Get deep insights into your cloud spend with the rich graphic capabilities in cost analysis. Analyze your costs across 18 available dimensions like provider, service name, usage location, availability zones, meter, and tags. Cost analysis provides the flexibility to view granular charges to understand what’s driving costs and anomalies, or high-level views to analyze total and month-over-month costs for one or both of your cloud providers. Learn more about Azure Cost Management cost analysis.

An image of the Azure Cost Management cost analysis page.

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