De evolutie van de IT Professional #infographic

Het Microsoft Server en Cloud Blog heeft een hele mooie infographic gepost : Evolution of the IT Pro.

De infographic geeft heel mooi weer hoe de rol van de IT Professional is veranderd in de afgelopen decennia en zoomt in op de huidige transitie naar de cloud :

… Over the past several decades there has been a remarkable parade of new technologies invented.  Checkout this cool infographic and timeline.  What are your favorites?  I about fell out of my chair when I read the Seagate 5MB hard-disk drive went for a whopping $1500 in 1980.  Today we buy a 256GB SSD for far less.

IT Professionals have played an important role throughout the age of computing.  They’re the folks that build, fix, manage, secure and update the infrastructure most the of the 7 billion people on this planet take for granted.  Checkout the KPCB 2013 Internet Trends published by Mary Meeker and Liang Wu.  There are some fascinating statistics on internet growth and penetration.

PC computing is alive and well.  It just comes in thousands of form factors.  The smartphone you use daily today is more powerful than the computer that supported the Apollo mission to the moon. That same smart phone uses many applications running in cloud data centers designed, built, secured, and operated by IT Professionals …

Bron : Microsoft Server en Cloud blog