Nieuwe Microsoft ‘Future Vision’ Video: Live, Work, Play

Een goede visie op de toekomst is essentieel voor een bedrijf dat technologie ontwikkeld. Een van de dingen die ik erg goed vind aan Microsoft is dat ze elke keer weer met zeer inspirerende video’s komen die ons een zeer realistische blik in de toekomst gunnen.

Deze toekomst visie is niet 100% fictie. Veel van de technologieën die je in de video ziet staan ook opgesteld in het het Envisoning Center op het Microsoft hoofdkantoor.

Gisteren kondigde Steve Clayton van Microsoft de opening aan van het nieuwe Envisioning Center op zijn blog :

Back in the early days of Microsoft, our mission was to put a PC on every desk and in every home — an ambitious goal for the time. Behind that was the conviction that computer technology had the innate capacity to enrich peoples’ lives. The trick was applying it in a way that made sense, solved a problem, or generally made life better.

When dramatic technology changes are on the horizon, just describing a possible future isn’t enough – sometimes you have to show it and let people experience it themselves. Over the years, Microsoft has created immersive showcases that show how future technologies could shape our world – first through the Microsoft Home, which opened its doors in 1994, and later through facilities like the Envisioning Lab, which explored possibilities for the workplace of the future.

This work continues at our new Envisioning Center, which is all about imagining how technology could be used to make life easier and more enjoyable, sometimes in small ways and sometimes in revolutionary ones. The Envisioning Center is located here on our Redmond campus and it’s been rebuilt from the ground up to incorporate our newest ideas and latest technologies. Today we announced its opening.

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