SkyCMD : An even faster version of SkyDrive

The Windows Live Skydrive team keeps improving Skydrive. Today I noticed they’ve made an unexpected move .. back to the “DOS prompt” With .


O, and do notice the date this “new version” of Skydrive is announced Smile

… Starting today, you can finally interact with SkyDrive the way you’ve always wanted to. You can use the classic DOS syntax to easily navigate your file hierarchy—familiar commands like “dir” and “cd.” Simple. Powerful.

SkyDrive command line window

SkyCMD: Command line access to your files on SkyDrive. Go to and check it out.

Once you connect SkyCMD to your SkyDrive account you can do many of the powerful things that only a CLI can offer. As for customization, try the “color” command to give your SkyCMD window a little flare.

Built from our SkyDrive APIs

One of our amazing developers, Luke, came up with the early rendition of SkyCMD and showed it around the SkyDrive hallways a couple months ago. We all loved it and knew that if it had a few more obscure commands and the right ASCII art we had a winner on our hands. The volume of internal feature requests for SkyCMD grew to the point that we’ve put the entire SkyDrive engineering organization to work building it. Our developer APIs, which Dare Obasanjo wrote about in his blog post back in December, are so powerful we just used those. We have even put the source code out as part of our sample code.

Of course in the near future we are going to ship what we recently announced and then some. But going forward the future of SkyDrive is SkyCMD!

Tony East
Lead Program Manager,

Source: An even faster version of SkyDrive

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