Sonos : Awesome Customer Support #sonos

For some weeks I had some issues using the Spotify Music Service on Sonos.

Audio streams would stutter or stop. Not a nice experience. What you do in such a case with Sonos is quite simple :

1. When the error occurs you create Diagnostics Info through the menu  in one of your controllers. This info is automatically sent to Sonos Support

2. You email Sonos support with a short description of your problem and include the Diagnostics Info number which you just submitted

3. Within 24 hours you get a resolution

I apologize you are having some issues with Spotify. We are aware of such issues and I have flagged your system for a special update for Spotify. If you use the Desktop Controller Software you need to check for the update in order for it to be installed. On the menu click on Help (Sonos if a Mac) and then click on Check for updates. It should find the update and then you can start the update. After the update is done please try Spotify and let me know if you still experience any issues.
Sonos Support

4. You run the update –> Problem Solved

In itself  not rocket science, but apparently the whole support systems is very well thought through. Not only does someone answer your email (duh), but their technical support infrastructure allows them to target updates to those who need it. That’s a design thing and it works ..

Also its not the first time I asked for support and their response is 100% consistent and fast, no matter if you use email or twitter for example; someone contacts you very fast. And when you ask other people about their experience .. same response.

Great job Sonos, Thanks !


Tip : I suppose Sonos can also see that I use the Spotify Service. I really wouldn’t mind getting an email that explains “Some users are experiencing issues with XYZfeature, are you experiencing the same ?” Really I wouldn’t.
I would opt in for the Sonos “Pro-active support” feature instantly Smile

Peter de Haas
Peter de Haas

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