Total Recall Is Coming

I just ordered Jim Gemmel’s and Gordon Bell’s book Total Recall.

Total Recall

I had heard a lot about this project over the last few years and after reading the article below became very curious about the details. The article shows where this can lead …

For the last 10 years, Gordon Bell and Jim Gemmell of Microsoft Research have been scanning and digitising their entire lives: documents, phone calls, files, chat sessions, email, the web pages they read, the TV and radio shows they watched and listened to, where they want, what applications they had open…

Over the next 10 years, you’re going to do the same, Gemmell told the Storage Visions conference at CES 2010.

“What if you could remember literally everything you’ve ever read, everything you’ve ever seen, everything you’ve ever heard – and things that are not usually in human memory like what’s the temperature of the room, what’s the humidity. We’re entering a world where increasingly, if something can be instrumented it will be; there are sensors everywhere. We’re entering a world of total recall.”

“You will record way more of your life than in past history,” Gemmell says, because of three trends. “We’re already wandering around with digital cameras, phones with cameras that record audio and some of them know your location… as time goes by we get the sensed world.

“Storage is becoming so cheap and abundant that it blows our minds. And there’s the software; we have the technology to do something with all those bits. We have the technology to search, to analyse, to visualise the information.” …

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