The Microsoft Online Services Diagnostics and Logging (MOSDAL) support toolkit

Yet another new acronym MOSDAL. But certainly one that can come in handy when you’re having issues with Microsoft Online Services :

The KB artcle explains it all and includes the download link to the tool as well ..

The MOSDAL support toolkit performs network diagnostics and collects system configuration, network configuration, and logging information for service-based products. The logs that the tool generates provide data that helps technical support professionals troubleshoot configuration, network, installation, and other service-related issues. MOSDAL collects log files, registry keys, and configuration settings that would otherwise require time-consuming and labor-intensive collection by using separate tools.
This article contains the following information about the MOSDAL support toolkit:

  • Download location
  • System requirements
  • Installation use instructions
  • Toolkit functionality

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Peter de Haas
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