Identity & Access Management in the cloud: Geneva Whitepapers and Datasheet

"Geneva" Claims Based Access Platform
"Geneva" helps simplify access to applications and other systems with an open and interoperable claims-based model.
For developers: "Geneva" helps simplify user access for developers by externalizing access logic from applications via claims, and reducing development effort with pre-built security logic and integrated .NET tools.
For IT professionals: "Geneva" helps IT efficiently deploy and manage new applications by reducing custom implementation work, consolidating access management in the hands of IT, helping establish a consistent security model, and facilitating seamless collaboration between organizations with automated federation tools.
For information workers and consumers: Users can benefit from help navigating logins, managing different personas, and controlling how personal information is shared.

  • "Geneva" includes built-in interoperability via open industry standards and claims, and implements the industry Identity Metasystem vision for open and interoperable identity.
  • "Geneva" includes three components for enabling claims-based access. Beta 1 of the following components are now available for public evaluation:
  • "Geneva" Framework for building .NET applications that use claims to make user access decisions
  • "Geneva" Server security token service (STS) for issuing and transforming claims, enabling federations, and managing user access
  • Windows CardSpace "Geneva" for helping users navigate access decisions and for developers to build customer authentication experiences for users

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