Yammer goes from SaaS to Software + Services

Yammer also sees the benefits / needs of a Software + Services strategy. Some organisations prefer or maybe even require an onpremise solution …

Yammer Goes Beyond Saas, Offers Self-Hosted Version

Enterprise microblogging software service provider Yammer has announced a version of their software that can be run on a company’s servers, inside the corporate firewall.

The Twitter-like service intended for the workplace has had great success with the hosted version of their software and is trying to take the next step in facilitating conversations in companies and workgroups. …


… Why Go Internal?

Why would Yammer release a self-hosted version? For many reasons, but primarily because many enterprises maintain IS security policies that all corporate communications are held on corporate servers. While using Yammer in a traditional manner, users store microblogging messages on Yammer’s servers. Under this arrangement, potentially sensitive and confident information might seep out into just anyone’s hands, causing unease in the information security fields  ….

Source: Yammer Goes Beyond SaaS, Offers Self-Hosted Version

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