Michael Sampson: Currents: "Hello, I’m a PC"

Peter O’Kelly posted an interest link to Michael Sampson blog (want to credit Peter for highlighting this instead of faking that I found it myself 😉 )

Cool ! and Michael’s post and above all findings make sense, at least to another “die hard”  PC user.

Back in February I bought the Macbook Air, simply because it is the coolest hardware I had seen in years.

Because I will never will fully go for MAC OS I chose to run Mac OS with Parallells running Vista : Bad performance and inpredictable behavior. Next I chose the bootcamp route which makes you choose at startup what OS you’d like to run. I found out I never run Mac OS simply because it adds no value at all to me.

So .. last month I reinstalled my machine running Windows Vista natively and by that regained some 30 GB and running a very fast and reliable Windows Vista install ation on the coolest hardware 🙂

Personally I can’t wait for Michael to give Windows 7 a try …

A timely reality check from Michael Sampson; see the full post, and skim the comments

I switched from Windows to Mac. I had used Windows as my main computing platform for 12 years, and was frankly fed up with its instability. Well, after 5 years on the Mac platform, today I switched back to Windows, and demoted my MacBook Pro to a lab machine. And I switched back for a very simple reason: Windows is better for business.

Microsoft Office is better. Support for scanning documents is better. Compatibility with mobile devices is better, eg, Windows Mobile and BlackBerry. Business card scanning is better (make that "possible"). Yadda, yadda, yadda. No more compromises and missed opportunities.

So ends the Apple love.

Michael Sampson: Currents: "Hello, I’m a PC"

Source: Michael Sampson: Currents: "Hello, I’m a PC"

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