ZDnet: CommBank chooses Office 2007 over Google Apps

Commonwealth Bank of Australia is a good example of a company that not judges Microsoft Office on it covers, but rather sees it for what it is : the cornerstone of a platform and not just a bundle of a text editor, presentation app and calculator …

… The Commonwealth Bank of Australia has completed a deployment of Microsoft’s new Office 2007 suite to 38,000 desktops — a year after giving Google Apps the thumbs down.

The Office 2007 Professional roll-out had covered CommBank’s 38,000 desktops at its headquarters and 1,000-plus branches, Mark Griffith, executive manager of the bank’s workplace technologies group told Microsoft’s Tech.Ed conference in Sydney today.

Microsoft’s latest Office suite has replaced Office 2003 on CommBank’s Windows XP desktop environment, which currently supports around 2,000 applications, including the bank’s internally developed CRM system, CommSee. Integration with CommSee was critical, according to Griffith. …

… Upgrading its collaboration capabilities make the next step for CommBank, which is eyeing Sharepoint 2007 for a central repository and a collaboration back end for its Office suite.

The bank last year vetted Google’s office productivity suite, Google Apps, but gave it the thumbs down, claiming the suite had "insufficient product capability". …

Source : ZDnet

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