Michael Kogeler: Media Center and Domotics at our new home

Michael beat me to it … I thought I had a cool setup at home with MediaCenter, Extenders, HomerServer, etc. Michael has gone beyond that with Domotics.

On the other hand we can all benefit from Michael’s learning curve 🙂

I’m working hard to get my new home ready – next to interior, kitchens and gardens (which Katrien manages basically) it will have a huge load of Consumer IT installed (if all goes well). BTICINO MyHome Domotics – integrated in the Media Center network environment, 1 HomeServer, 2 Media Centers, 2 Extenders, 6 TB of data, touchscreens in the walls to control the music, some webcam’s to watch the little babies and some more stuff. Lot of people are asking me what I am doing and how. So I’ve decided to start to document it in my blog over the next weeks. Simple, plain and Consumer friendly. So wait for step 1 – the requirements.


Source: Media Center and Domotics at our new home

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