Gartner: Microsoft’s E-Mail/SharePoint Pricing Portends Shift to SaaS

Microsoft’s S+S message has landed in the market. Gartner picked up on it (ofcourse)  with a very positive point of view… exciting times 🙂

… Newly announced Microsoft software-as-a-service pricing and distribution for Exchange and SharePoint — coupled with robust pent-up demand — will accelerate the transition away from premises-based collaboration software. …

… Analysis

Microsoft’s newly announced collaboration SaaS pricing is likely to generate substantial interest from enterprises seeking to cut costs or move away from premises-based collaboration deployments. The economics will be most appealing to small enterprises (those with fewer than 1,000 employees), which have the highest operational unit cost and generally can’t provide the BPOS suite services internally for less than $15 per user per month. Enterprises with 20,000 or more employees are unlikely to experience cost savings, but may be looking to move to a SaaS model for other reasons. Microsoft’s inclusion of a strong channel model for SaaS distribution will ensure broad market coverage and should keep government regulators at bay.  …

… Gartner expects elements of the BPOS to mature rapidly, with routine, mainstream adoption occurring in 2010. We expect 20% of enterprise e-mail seats to use SaaS (from Microsoft and other vendors) in 2012, up from 1% in 2007. Early adopters of this multitenant SaaS will likely encounter issues associated with its immaturity, such as stability, contract terms, data migration, integration, security and legal issues. Enterprises should therefore wait for several quarters of successful large-volume operations prior to engagement. ..


Download the full analysis : microsofts_emai…pdf (116.1KB)


Peter de Haas
Peter de Haas

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