Microsoft Live@edu Delivers Exchange Labs to Students at No Cost

This is a very good development for the Education market. As part of Microsoft’s Live @ EDU platform, Microosft now also offers Education INstututions a choice for their eMail platform : either based on Windows Live Hotmail or based on Microsoft Exchange.

… Microsoft Corp. is adding no-cost Microsoft Exchange Labs e-mail for students and alumni to its Live@edu online communication and collaboration applications tailored for educational institutions. Live@edu with Exchange Labs gives students and alumni access to a reliable and security-enhanced e-mail experience similar to what they may use in the workplace, while university IT administrators can benefit from additional security features and simplified deployment. By bringing proven technologies to current education systems, Microsoft is helping IT administrators build closely connected infrastructures and create exceptional experiences for students and educators.

Microsoft Exchange Labs Benefits IT Administrators, Students and Alumni Alike

Live@edu now offers institutions the option of giving their students and alumni an Exchange Labs inbox. Live@edu offers the following benefits to universities and students:

Reliable communications. Universities can provide students with hosted e-mail, featuring up to 10 GB inboxes and 20 MB attachments. Students can also access their e-mail, contacts and calendar from Outlook Web Access and Microsoft Office Outlook, as well as from Web-enabled mobile phones, similar to what they may experience in the work force.

Building blocks for collaboration. Additional Live@edu services that can be used for on-campus collaboration include shared calendars with free/busy lookup between students, student directories with administrative control to create distribution lists, and the ability to add faculty and staff who are using Exchange on-premise to student directories.

Additional security. Live@edu with Exchange Labs also now allows message tracking to confirm urgent e-mail was delivered, and content filtering, which gives administrators the ability to block e-mail with objectionable content.

Institution identity. Schools can deepen the relationship with students and alumni through an e-mail inbox with the school’s logo, a custom theme created by the institution and a school-branded e-mail address that students can keep after they graduate.

“Having secure and reliable communications with our students is important to us,” said Russell Wood, IT director at Hinds Community College. “Microsoft Live@edu gives students an e-mail experience similar to what they will use when they graduate and gives the IT administrators more control over message security.”  …

Source: Microsoft Live@edu Delivers Exchange Labs to Students at No Cost

In The Netherlands Windows Live @ EDU does very well a number institutions large and small have moved over to this platform already.

I recently did a presentation at the SURFnet Relatiedagen, where  also University of Tilburg presented about their experiences on the Microsoft Exchnage Labs pilot. The presentations were taped on video as well. They are in Dutch …

  • Corno Vromans (UvT):
    Een update over de pilot met Microsoft Exchange Labs
  • Peter de Haas (Microsoft):
    Microsoft en online services

In de week van 16 Juni zullen er meerdere workshops in de middag plaatsvinden in Eindhoven, Zwolle en Utrecht. Deze workshop is gericht op IT managers / ICT coördinatoren / informatie managers en docenten, u kunt maximaal met 2 deelnemers van uw instelling inschrijven. Graag deze uitnodiging doorsturen naar de juiste persoon.

12.00 – 13.00 ontvangst
13.00 – 15.00 middagsessie
15.00 – 15.30 borrel

U kunt zich aanmelden via deze pagina .Uw aanmelding zien wij graag vóór 14 Juni tegemoet. U ontvangt vervolgens een bevestiging en een routebeschrijving.

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