Report: Office 2007 demand ‘healthier than thought’

Over on Microsoft Watch Mary Jo Foley blogged more details on the most recent Forrester Report about Microsoft Office 2007. It ggives more insight in deployments of MS Office (obviously), but also the relation to SharePoint and the deployment relative to Google Apps and OpenOffice … (and no mention of IBM Lotus Symphony 😉 )

…There is quite a bit of difference of opinion as to when and whether business users should upgrade to Windows Vista, but Office 2007 isn’t suffering from the same fate. According to Forrester Research (which has really been cranking out the studies in the past few days), businesses are deploying Office 2007 at a rapid clip.

… Other findings from Forrester’s “The State Of Microsoft Office 2007 Desktop Adoption” study (which is only available to subscribers to Forrester’s research service):

  • The majority of those surveyed plan to deploy Office 2007 within the next 12 months (21 percent immediately, 43 percent within 6 months and 29 percent within 12 months)
  • SharePoint Server 2007 is being deployed at almost identical rates and often in tandem with Office 2007.
  • Of those surveyed, 43 percent said Office 2007 rollouts were tied to upgrades in PC hardware
  • *The release of Office 2007 SP1 “removed a hurdle keeping many from moving forward in calendar year 2007.”  …

… And what about Google Apps? Any IT pros surveyed looking seriously at a completely Google-hosted alternative to Office 2007?

“Enterprises are looking at Open Office and Google, but they are not yet looking to move to them,” McNabb said. “Less than one percent are giving any real fuel to (Microsoft) alternatives.” …

Report: Office 2007 demand ‘healthier than thought’

Peter de Haas
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