News ways to use "ink" on your PC: InkSeine

Ken Hinkley of Microsoft Research is working on new and improved ways to use “ink”.


Video: InkSeine from Microsoft Research – The Official Video

The prototype application is availanble now for download :  

Ken Hinckley always thought that searching for information on his computer was like going on a fishing expedition. Every so often, he’d even catch whatever it was he wanted.

Hinckley, a senior researcher in the Adaptive Systems and Interaction group at Microsoft Research Redmond, has been netting better results than usual lately. And now he’s angling to share the secret to his success with Tablet PC users everywhere.

InkSeine example
An example of an InkSeine note with links, searches, and screen clippings.

That secret is InkSeine, an innovative new inking tool that Hinckley and his team began developing in 2006. InkSeine is designed to help users get the most out of a Tablet PC by unifying ink, search, and gather functions into a fluid workflow uniquely suited to pen interaction. The ink component enables users to capture freeform thoughts and ideas in handwriting on a page; the integrated search functionality gives users quick access to supporting materials and documents with a few simple pen gestures; and the gather element lets users integrate the search results back into their notes—all without breaking the creative flow. As for the name, Hinckley explains: To “seine” is to fish with a net; to fish for results from your ink notes, use InkSeine.

Effective Feb. 15, Microsoft Research is making a prototype of the InkSeine application available as a download. Hinckley, whose group is charged with exploring interface form factors beyond the traditional mouse and keyboard, hopes Tablet PC users will take the bait. …

Source: Microsoft Research