CIO’s fear consumer technologies

Every year has a survey amongs CIO’s about the usage and uptake of consumer technologies:

… Even if most CIOs and IT managers were to acknowledge that major technology innovations occur in the consumer space first before they carry over into the enterprise, that doesn’t mean they have to like it. It also doesn’t mean the explosion of devices, smart phones, Web-based applications and social networks doesn’t keep them up at night worrying about enterprise security.
In the Nine Consumer Technologies CIOs Fear, we profiled which technologies IT executives find the most troublesome from a security perspective. …

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So what’s on the list ? ..
Threat No. 9: VoIP Clients (1%)
Threat No. 8: Web-Based Productivity Applications (2%)
Threat No. 7: Digital Cameras (4%)
Threat No. 6: Remote Storage (5%)
Threat No. 5: Smartphones (7%)
Threat No. 4: Social Networks (10%)
Threat No. 3: Instant Messaging (11%)
Threat No. 2: Consumer E-Mail (18%)
Threat No. 1: Portable Storage Devices (43%)
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