CMSWire: SharePoint’s No Slouch – Earns Microsoft $1 billion

Microsoft doesn’t break down revenue to the product level. Nevertheless the math could be right. SharePoint is a big hit …

… It’s been a record year for Microsoft according to their financials…record revenues of $16.4 billion and earnings of $4.7 billion for their second quarter.

What do they attribute these numbers to? Microsoft indicated that sales of Office and Vista were strong during this period. This must mean that people are ignoring all the bad reviews about Vista and upgrading to it regardless of the problems it has – sales of the operating system are now over 100 million units. Revenue growth for the search division was 38 percent in the quarter and consulting revenues rose by 28%.

But probably the biggest deal is SharePoint. It is a billion dollar baby for Microsoft. They don’t go into specifics of the dollar breakdown but we’re sure a lot of that money must belong to the support teams and the consulting teams that spend lots time with companies figuring out the best way to implement the CMS.

Who says people don’t like SharePoint? Microsoft’s revenues say – lots of people do like it! …

Source: SharePoint’s No Slouch – Earns Microsoft $1 billion
Barb Mosher
Date Published: Fri, 01 Feb 2008