Online Video Ranking: MSN/Live Surge, Competitors Sink

Sure Youtube is by far the leader in online video today … but look at MSN :

… This month’s online video stack-up saw a major reshuffling with 3 of the Top 5 players trading places amid heavy shifts in traffic. YouTube continued to outperform the market, growing 1% in October to 213M visits on nearly 52M unique visitors. The Top 20 video sites as a set contracted 6% in October.


Extraordinary gains were realized by the Microsoft family of video sites, which includes MSN Video and Live Search Video, catapulting the Redmond rival into 2nd place, three spots ahead of its rank in September. MSN/Live Video grew 25.3% to 35M visits on the strength of 21M visitors. …

Let’s hope this is not incidental but the result of Microsoft’s strong focus in improving these services

Source: Online Video Ranking: MSN/Live Surge, Competitors Sink
Author: Alex Patriquin
Date Published: Wed, 28 Nov 2007