Has .Net Overtaken the Battle for the Enterprise?

Barb Mosher of CMSWire.com blogged a nery interesting update on the .NET vs Java development. Interesting results to say the least :

… For years the war for the enterprise has raged between Microsoft and Java with the heaviest battles occurring since the inception of .Net. However, recent research indicated that .Net is now coming out on the winning team.

This news is from Info-Tech Research Group – an IT research and advisory firm. According to an article on InfoWorld, Info-Tech’s research indicates that in a survey of over 1,850 organizations of all sizes and industries: .Net is the choice over Java most often. The report indicates that 12 percent of the surveyed companies focus exclusively on .Net, while only 3 percent are exclusively Java. That’s a big difference and should spark some lively debate in the Java community. To throw the Java community a bone, Info-Tech compares Java to legacy code in that it will always be around just like the infamous Cobol. Not sure if that’s a postive thing or not.

The report (which is not sponsored so it should be vendor neutral) is entitled It’s Official: .Net Roasts Java’s Beans and is available for a fee on the InfoTech site.

Source: Has .Net Overtaken the Battle for the Enterprise?
Author: Barb Mosher
Date Published: Mon, 03 Dec 2007