Quest acquires Proposion

Surpring news on one hand and not so surpring on the other, as a lot of consolidation is going on in the software market.

Quest software and Proposion are noth vendors focussing a lt of their solutions to help organisation move form Lotus Notes Domino  to the Microsoft platform …

Blogger: Karen Hobert

Quest Software and Proposion just signed an agreement for Quest to acquire Proposion (details will not be made public). The Proposion products augment Quest’s Lotus Notes to Exchange migration tools with SharePoint migration and integration capabilities, making the entire Quest solution set the most complete package in the Notes to Exchange/SharePoint/.NET migration and integration market today. While there are few vendors in this domain, it is a market that is highly competitive and instrumental in Microsoft’s compete strategy with IBM Lotus – or what Microsoft calls the “Notes Transition” space. …

… Still, migrating Notes applications to SharePoint (or other platforms) is very challenging, and a hurdle Microsoft has not completely overcome. The consolidation of Quest and Proposion illustrates that the solution is not a found in a single tool but through a combination of data and application logic utilities that support the intermediate steps required to be successful.

We can expect that IBM will respond, as it is otherwise faced with the prospect of watching intensifying competition for the opportunity to migrate organizations from IBM Lotus products to the Microsoft suite.  The Quest/Proposion deal was relatively small in terms of the deal size, but it will likely have important consequences for the broader superplatform competitive landscape in collaboration and content management. …

Source: Quest acquires Proposion
Author: Karen Hobert
Date Published: Fri, 12 Oct 2007 22:30:25 GMT

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