Open Text Takes Aim At Microsoft Exchange Server 2007

Open Text extends its ECM platform to Microsoft Exchange 2007. Good to see that ECM players continue to invest in integration with the Microsoft platform as they do add value, especially in the current LiveLink installed base. 

… The enterprise content management vendors upgrades its Livelink ECM suite with tight integration with Microsoft Exchange Server 2007.

Open Text, a maker of enterprise content management software, has introduced the latest version of its email management software, which has been upgraded with tight integration with Microsoft Exchange Server 2007.

In general, Livelink ECM -Email Management enables organizations to apply their centralized records management policies through folders customized for individual departments, users or functions. With the latest product, each message arriving in Microsoft’s Outlook email client automatically inherits the centralized record classification assigned to a folder when users drag and drop emails into the folder. Based on the classification, the message is assigned an appropriate retention and disposition lifecycle. …


Peter de Haas
Peter de Haas
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