Forrester: Social Computing Moves Into Recruitment

Not very surprising conclusions, yet a very good and pragmatic way to leverage “web 2.0” technology for business

… Human capital management (HCM) professionals are faced with a shrinking labor pool, lower unemployment rates, vacant jobs orders that require increasingly specialized and sought-after skills, and an environment where traditional recruiting processes and systems fail to align with many job seekers’ use of technology. To combat these challenges, strategic recruiters are finding alternatives to turbo-charge their traditional recruiting programs — and one alternative is Social Computing. Younger workers — and to an increasing degree older ones, too — are embracing Social Computing as a way to consume information and build relationships. Firms must deliberately weave many aspects of Social Computing into their traditional recruiting programs to find — and ultimately hire — the best talent possible.  …

Source: Social Computing Moves Into Recruitment
Author: “Zach Thomas”
Date Published: Wed, 24 Oct 2007