Microsoft Team Blogs

Brandon LeBlanc of the Windows Experience Blog has created a complete overview of the Microsoft Team Blogs, meaning these are the blogs through which the different product teams at Microsoft share their info with the world.

This was good input as I missed a few of them, so .. more reading to do 🙂

Listed below are official team blogs from the product teams at Microsoft which are categorized by specific product groups.

Click here to access the Microsoft Feeds Directory where you can also choose to search for a specific blog you are looking for that isn’t listed below.

Windows Vista Team Blog
Internet Explorer Team Blog
Windows Mobile Team Blog
Tablet PC Team Blog
Microsoft Update Team Blog
Microsoft RSS Blog
Microsoft Photography and Video Blog
XPS Team Blog
Windows Home Server Team Blog
Windows SideShow Team Blog
Windows Ultimate Blog
Windows Core Networking Blog
Windows Vista Security Blog
Shell: Revealed Blog (Windows Shell)
Network Access Protection Blog
Windows Sidebar Team Blog
Windows Genuine Advantage Blog

Windows Live:

Windows Live Wire (Windows Live Team Blog)
Windows Live Messenger Team Blog
Windows Live Mail Team Blog
Windows Live Photo Gallery Team Blog (PIX Blog)
Windows Live Writer Team Blog
Windows Live Hotmail Team Blog
Windows Live OneCare Team Blog
Windows Live Spaces Team Blog
Windows Live E-Mail Support Blog (Support for Hotmail and Mail client)
Windows Live SkyDrive Team Blog
Windows Live ID Team Blog
Windows Live Alerts Team Blog
Windows Live Custom Domains Team Blog
Windows Live Safety Center Team Blog Team Blog

Live Search:
Live Search Team Blog
Live Search Maps Team Blog (and Virtual Earth)
Live Search QnA Team Blog
Live Search Expo Team Blog

Windows Server:
Windows Server Team Blog
Windows Small Business Server (SBS) Blog
Windows PowrShell Team Blog
Windows Terminal Services Team Blog
Microsoft Forefront Client Security Team Blog
Microsoft Exchange Team Blog (You Had Me At EHLO…)
Ask the Performance Team Blog

Microsoft Office:
Microsoft Office Team Blogs at Microsoft Office Online
Microsoft Office Communicator Team Blog
Microsoft Office SharePoint Designer  Team Blog

Microsoft Office Servers:
Microsoft Office Communications Server Team Blog
Microsoft Office SharePoint Products and Services Team Blog

General Microsoft Blogs: (Microsoft Speech Blog)
Microsoft Response Point Team Blog
Unified Communications Group Team Blog

Microsoft Security Blogs:
Microsoft Security Response Center (MSRC)
Microsoft Application Threat Modeling Blog
The Security Development Cycle Blog
Security, Performance, and Privacy Blog (ACE Team)
Mobile and Embedded Blogs:
Windows XP Embedded Team Blog
Windows Embedded for Point of Service Team Blog

Virtualization at Microsoft:
Microsoft SoftGrid Team Blog
Windows Virtualization Team Blog

Microsoft SQL and Data Programmability:
Microsoft SQL Everywhere Blog
Microsoft SQL Server Support Blog
Microsoft SQL Manageability Team Blog
Microsoft SQL Protocols Blog
Data Programmability Blog
ADO.NET Team Blog
Project Astoria Team Blog
Microsoft JDBC Driver Team Blog
XML Team Blog

Microsoft Channels:
Channel 8
Channel 9
Channel 10

Microsoft Expression & Silverlight:
Microsoft Expression Team Blog
Microsoft Silverlight Community Blogs

Microsoft Academic Blogs:
UK Academic Team Blog

Microsoft for the Mac:
The Macintosh Business Unit Team Blog (Mac Mojo)

Gaming, Xbox, and Zune:
Gamerscore Blog
Zune Insider

As I am sure Brandon will update this page every now and then, be sure to check his blog for the latest information : The Windows Experience Blog.

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