Forrester: IBM Or Microsoft For Collaboration — Or Both?

 Sticking with quoting some Forrester reports as I try to catch up on the most relevant news of the past 3 weeks …

This ‘ approach’ suggested by Forrester is a bit weak and middle of the road perhaps. On the other hand many large multinationals do not fully run one or the other platform. This can be because of legacy, dual vendor policy, interconnectivity or culture as the introduction of this report says.

…Choosing a collaboration platform — which often comes down to two vendors, IBM and Microsoft — is a highly strategic technology decision that has wide-reaching infrastructure and architecture implications. Often it is fraught with political and technical landmines because the decision touches on many related technology areas and people in a wide variety of business and IT roles tend to get involved.

To make the most well-rounded, fully thought-through decision, narrow your choices down to two main vendors. Then analyze how each vendor stacks up in terms of:

1) fit with your enterprise collaboration strategy;

2) fit with your applications and infrastructure standards;

3) fit with your enterprise content management (ECM) strategy;

4) your desktop and office productivity standards and refresh cycles;

5) vendor support for a coexistence strategy; and

6) cultural fit. …

Source: IBM Or Microsoft For Collaboration — Or Both?
Originally published on Mon, 06 Aug 2007 04:00:00 GMT by “Erica Driver, Rob Koplowitz”

Suggestions for the list :

7) Budget / Price

8) Ease of use / Learning curve

9) Integration / interop with existing productivity tools

10) Remote / 3rd party access

See also this report :

Buyers Expect IBM And Microsoft To Deliver Information Workplace Platforms

… Microsoft And IBM Top IT Buyers’ Information Workplace Platform Vendor Short Lists: highlights from the February 2007 US And UK Information Workplace Online Survey. …

Source: Buyers Expect IBM And Microsoft To Deliver Information Workplace Platforms
Originally published on Tue, 24 Jul 2007 04:00:00 GMT by “Erica Driver”

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