Forrester: Are You Ready For Unified Communications?

Forrester highlights the impact of Unified Communications (UC) on the IT department. Very important, as telephony as we know it will no linger exist in the near future …

… On top of the new business communication capabilities that are possible with unified communications (UC), new challenges await the IT department in how to deploy and manage this integrated platform. UC — technology that connects communication and collaboration applications on a common platform — requires you to understand how to support existing applications in this converged environment. Like most IT organizations, you probably segment IT teams into networking, telecom, and application management functions. Once you start to deploy UC solutions, you’ll find that they need to share skill sets and collaborate much more than they have ever needed to in the past. While existing IT skills provide a foundation, you will need to cross-train specialists across several applications for successful deployments and provide common ground for resolving issues. Are you ready? …

Source: Are You Ready For Unified Communications?
Author: “Elizabeth Herrell”
Date originally published: Fri, 24 Aug 2007 04:00:00 GMT

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