Cisco and Microsoft CEOs Share Vision for the Future of the Industry

Very interesting event; Microsoft and Cisco outline the partnership, which in a lot of area’s is very strong and in a few competitive …

Q&A: John Chambers, Chairman and CEO of Cisco, and Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft, discuss the future of technology and the imperative for the two companies to work together to deliver interoperable technology to customers.

… Participating in discussions today in New York, Cisco Chairman and CEO John Chambers and Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer will share their views on the future of technology and discuss their plans to strengthen their collaboration to meet customer demands for improved interoperability between the network and software solutions that the two companies provide.

Today’s events include a discussion between Chambers and Ballmer, moderated by television interviewer and journalist Charlie Rose, and an executive roundtable where the two CEOs will sit down with CIOs from leading enterprise companies to better understand how Microsoft and Cisco can work together to help businesses succeed. As part of today’s discussions, the CEOs will talk about the four industry trends that customers are asking the two companies to address and they will highlight seven specific technology initiatives where Cisco and Microsoft will focus their efforts.

In a Q&A for PressPass and News@Cisco, the two CEOs discuss how Microsoft and Cisco are working together and how the two companies can collaborate in many areas, even as they compete in others. …

Cisco and Microsoft will discuss the following framework for cooperation :

1. A Clear and Transparent Roadmap. Each company will articulate more clearly how and where we are working together to minimize interoperability challenges.

2. Consultation with Customers. The goal of expanded cooperation between our two companies is to ensure that our technologies work well together to enable the scenarios that our customers need to be successful. We will consult extensively with customers to understand how information systems can work better to meet their requirements.

3. Industry Standards and Interoperability. Interoperability often requires broad industry agreement about industry standards. We will work to create open industry standards that promote interoperability and foster fair competition.

4. Competition. While we are committed to promoting interoperability, that commitment will never preclude either company from pursuing any competitive opportunities.

Source: Cisco and Microsoft CEOs Share Vision for the Future of the Industry
Date originally published: Mon, 20 Aug 2007 14:00:00 GMT

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