: Microsoft’s cloudy future

Microsoft starts revealing some of the work that is apparently going on behind the scenes. I am not up to speed on all of this information as you may understand. It i in line with my expectations and speculations for sure .. Web2.0 / Web3.0 / … Microsoft will be part of this …

… Microsoft plans to open up its underlying Internet services to developers as part of an ambitious makeover some refer to as “Cloud OS.”

In addition to making available its existing services, such as mail and instant messaging, Microsoft also will create core infrastructure services, such as storage and alerts, on which developers can build. The software maker has been talking for some time about its plans to have a full-fledged platform that lives on its servers, but the company has been extremely short on details.

During a speech at the Worldwide Partner Conference in Denver, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer didn’t quite answer all the questions. But he did promise that more news will come sooner rather than later, and also offered a few hints as to where the company is headed. During the presentation, Microsoft also pledged to share more information with partners and developers.

“This is an ambitious project for us but it is very important,” Ballmer said. “We have a lot of news and things that we’ll be talking about and unveiling…this year.” …