Microsoft HomeServer is RTM

The Microsoft HomeServer team released the product to manufacturing. If you want to know more about HomeServer check the homepage.

… Woo-hoo!  We did it. Today we are announcing that Windows Home Server has been released to manufacturing (RTM). We have finalized the software and now handing it off to our OEM partners. The evaluation version (with 120 day evaluation period) and the system builder version are also heading into the distribution channels and will be available in the next couple of months. French, German and Spanish versions will be finalized shortly, and OEM products will hit retail shelves this fall.

We’re also excited to announce Iomega and Fujitsu-Siemens Computers (FSC) as new OEMs planning to ship Windows Home Server products later this year. …

Read on : Microsoft HomeServer Team Blog

I have not participated in the beta’s for this product. Simply because of lack of time. I am certainly part of the ’target audience’ for this product as the content we have and generate at home is exploding :

  • All music is digital (700+ CD’s)
  • All pictures are up on the mediacenter
  • recorded TV programs / movies are up on the mediacenter as well. Currently we have a ‘backlog’ of some 10+ movies and series to view and a number of movies / documentaries that I would like to save.
  • 5 PCs at home that need to be backupped regularly

HomeServer will allow me and the rest of the family to centralise a number of important things such as backup and storage. We will just put a HomeServer with 1+ TB in the basement 🙂

Peter de Haas
Peter de Haas

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