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I came across the SGATTB 🙂 today. Although they don’t post daily, the stuff they do post is quite valuable of you happen to live in a Microsoft & SAP world.

I came across a very nice animation (zip file contains exe file) which decribes the integration between SAP and the Microsoft platfrom. Unfortunaly its SharePoint 2003 and not MOSS 2007 but the post indicates an update is underway :

We had a very successful Conference in Berlin two weeks ago (European Sharepoint Conference). I was asked by many customers who where not able to make it to post the slides. We had around 7 sessions about SAP integration where I presented in three of them together with Partners (Sitrion, Bluebridge) and Customers  (SIEMENS, CLP) targeting Technical Decision Makers, IT Pros and Developers. The decks are somewhat different but contentwise with overlap. Please feel free to download and distribute.
Also be reminded on our
Overview animation we published last year (Microsoft Sharepoint Server – SAP NetWeaver Portal). This is still pretty much all you can do in the integration space between the portals today. However we will update this animation and include new MOSS features like the Business Data Catalogue (BDC) and the iView/WSRP WebParts as well as Enterprise Search you can get out of the box today.

source : SGATTB