Jason Langridge from Microsoft at MEDC EU 2007

My colleague Jason Langridge is focused on Enterprise Mobility in general and business customers in particular. Some Topics covered in this interview :

  • Microsoft has 220 customers, that each has over 1000 mobile phones powered by Windows Mobile in operation
  • Microsoft Direct Push without Microsoft Exchange for enterprise applications made with .NET and running in Windows Mobile
  • Mobile Software Client Factory (click here for more info about it)
  • new devices powered by Windows Mobile coming to market in UK
  • using TouchFLO in standard Windows Mobile applications
  • HTC Kaiser (the one with amazing tilted screen) and other unreleased and released phones powered by Windows Mobile
  • what to chose: Windows Mobile or UMPC ?
  • using Windows Mobile 6 as wireless modem – with Internet sharing application on the Windows Mobile 6 and without any additional software in PC!
  • remote wipe and storage card encryption
  • Enterprise Mobility in USA
  • using SharePoint 2007 with Windows Mobile 6

Video interview: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D7SzUM6cYuU

Audio interview http://podcasts.msmobiles.com/?p=178