Interoperability TechCenter for MOSS 2007 goes live

Integrating SharePoint with other systems / platforms ofcourse is key in any Enterprise environment. There’s strong focus on this topic …

Have you ever wondered how to connect MOSS 2007 to ERP systems such as SAP, Oracle Financials, or Siebel? Do you want to know how to setup Search to crawl Lotus Notes data sources? Wondering what WSRP and iViews are? Well, wonder no more! Check out the new SharePoint Interoperability website on Technet at

One of the key things we’ve heard from customers is that they don’t understand how SharePoint can work with other systems. So, Todd Ravenholt and Mike Fitzmaurice worked hard to design and implement this web site. It’s v1 right now, so we will be adding more content over time by spotlighting different technologies and products relevant to SharePoint interop. Currently, the spotlight is on SharePoint and SAP interoperability, and we have recently released some white papers on SharePoint/SAP interop that are linked from the site.

Source : Interoperability TechCenter for MOSS 2007 goes live!