WSJ: Microsoft Embeds Sleeper in Business Software

 Interesting take on the very competitive ‘collaboration market’ the whole article is for subscribers but a few people (see link) have quoted the complete article. Not sure if the argument given in the short intro below is a very good reason for SharePoint adoption, but the article in general quite well compliments Microsoft for the way they’ve set the strategy for SharePoint and the way this is executed today.

… When the Miami-Dade County Public Schools set out to build a way for its teachers, students and parents to collaborate online, it was surprised to discover it already had Microsoft Corp. software that could help do the job.

Included with software the school district had previously bought was something called SharePoint Services, which Miami-Dade used as the first step in creating a system for planning school programs and classes, posting notices, and handling other tasks that require its teachers and students to collaborate.

“We kind of unintentionally fell into it,” says Deborah Karcher, executive officer at Miami-Dade’s information-technology group. The school system considered an alternative from International Business Machines Corp., but with the Microsoft software already in place, “it just seemed like a very low risk.”


[Collaboration Software]

The Situation: Over the past few years, Microsoft has quietly established itself in the emerging market for collaboration software with a product called SharePoint.

Why It Matters: Collaboration software — which allows workers to share and work together — is a new strategic foothold for technology makers trying to gain a broader hold on corporate customers.

What’s Next: Expect a fierce fight among technology giants — Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, Adobe and others — as each tries to become the central player in collaboration. …


Complete article: Link to SharePoint takes lead in collaboration Market