TDM and BDM datasheets for the SharePoint "Fantastic 40" Application Templates now available

The datasheets give additional information about the Application Templates for the SharePoint Applications:

… Since the Application Templates for Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 were released a couple of months ago, many people have asked, “Is there any documentation on what each of the templates does or is designed for?” Well, in response, we have just posted the companion sets of two datasheets for each of the templates here. These datasheets provide an in-depth description of the application templates and include one or more screenshots of the templates in action.

For business decision makers, the functional overview (BDM datasheet) describes the scenario for which the template was designed and highlights its features. For IT pros and technical decision makers, the technical overview (TDM datasheet) describes the web parts, relevant workflows, lists, and document libraries that are included in the template.

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Link to TDM and BDM datasheets for the “Fantastic 40” Application Templates now available