ECM Industry Watch: ECM Innovation

Interesting and very valid view on the ECM market and what moves it. I do not fully agree that Open Source is the only innovator in this space. I would say that Microsoft’s push to commoditise ECM can certainly be seen as part of that; it requires creativity to say the least of all players in this field …

There are interesting challenges ahead for all of us. As Gartner has pointed out, the penetration of content management in enterprises today is only a fraction of the potential in organizations today. Whether it is Forrester’s ECM for the masses or Gartner’s basic content services, ECM will need to get simpler and more integrated with a new generation of software services. Web 2.0 has had massive impact on content and all its innovation has been driven by open source. All the ECM vendors should rise to the change of creating a viable standard to do for ECM what SQL has done for databases.

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