NetworkWorld: Microsoft adding more users than IBM in e-mail battle, report shows

Remember my blogpost on a Gartner report about IBM Lotus Notes Domino vs Microsoft ? Well today I ran into a lengthy article by Joe Fontana on NetworkWorld that holds a lot of quotes from that same report.

Just some highlights (yes I am selective, so do read the whole article) and the link ..

    • The report on e-mail seat share, which draws conclusions from a survey of 402 corporate users in the U.S., Italy, France and Germany, also shows that both vendors appear to be in a deadlock on stealing accounts from each other’s customer base and that commodity email providers have the potential to grab seats, mainly at the expense of Microsoft, over the coming years.
    • “A lot of people are not happy with Microsoft and IBM’s seat share has shrunk far lower than we thought,” he says. “That was a shock, we did not think that it was that big a difference,” says Austin.
    • In the survey, Microsoft’s user base grew by slightly more than 17% from 2004-2006, while IBM’s grew 11%.


    • Gartner notes in the report that Microsoft achieved more than a 60% share of email seats nearly three years faster than the research firm had originally predicted. Gartner, therefore, revised its prediction, now saying by 2009 that user base numbers will be 70% for Microsoft and 17% for IBM.
    • The survey says IBM’s continuing loss of seat share is because it does not effectively compete for email accounts in companies with less than 10,000 users, and concludes that IBM’s share in that segment is “dangerously low” and could affect the Note/Domino “ecosystem.”
    • The results showed that for both vendors 29% of their installed seats were at risk of migrating. And many migrations were due to consolidation as roughly one-third of respondents reported they run both IBM and Microsoft e-mail products. Those respondents represented roughly one-third of all seats reported in the survey. The difference was that 96% of IBM shops moving off the platform were going to Microsoft and of those considering a migration 78% were taking into account Microsoft. Of the Microsoft shops moving platforms just 44% were going to IBM, while 42% of those considering a move had IBM on their list.

      Read the whole article :

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