Microsoft Tops Corporate Reputation Survey

Who’d have thought that after years of viruses, worms, and blue screens – and the Zune – Microsoft would come out tops in a survey measuring corporate reputations?

Each year, Harris Interactive conducts its “Annual RQ“—Reputation Quotient—survey, aimed at measuring the corporate reputation of the United States’ most visible companies. The study evaluates reps by conducting online surveys ask 600 American adults about the companies, quizzing them on twenty attributes grouped into six categories—vision and leadsership, emotional appeal, products and services, workplace environment, and financial performance. Some 22,480 partcipants rated companies, each randomly asked to complete a detailed rating of one or two companies with which they were familiar. Each company was rated by at least 279 people, with the average number of respondents per company running at 596.

And guess what? For 2006, Redmond software giant Microsoft came out on top.

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