TechNet Magazine : Exchange Queue & A


KC Lemson (lead program manager)and Paul Bowden (lead program manager) on the Exchange Server team have prepared a nice and ‘light’ Q&A for you …

Hello, and welcome to the first installment of Exchange Queue and A! We’re kicking off with a series of questions that, to be honest, we came up with ourselves, so it’s probably unfair to position this as a genuine question-and-answer column

because it’s only Q&A insofar as the Qs and As happen in an echo chamber. We do, however, believe that these questions may be representative of questions on the minds of Microsoft® Exchange Server customers, and so we claim the moral high ground. In the future, we certainly welcome your questions, so feel free to send them to

Our current vision for this column is that it will be a rotating cast of authors (kind of a “throw the writers at the wall and see which ones stick”), but all of us have been involved with Exchange for many years. This month the answers (and questions!) were coauthored by KC Lemson and Paul Bowden, Lead Program Managers in the Exchange product team at Microsoft. Both of us are old-timers in Exchange development. We’ve moved around quite a bit, but have never been able to get away from messaging.

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