Running Office 2007 Enterprise RTM and Windows Vista Ultimate RTM

I upgraded my machine this weekend to the latest RTM releases of Office and Vista this weekend.

To be honoust, the backup and restore of my data took longer than the whole format / install alltogether. As I was running release candidate versions allready, there is not much / no difference functionality wise. As far as stability goes I didn’t have much problems anyway.

I’ve been running Office 2007 since beginning of this year and started using Windows Vista when I received my new Tablet PC, the Toshiba M250, in June. I immediately got hooked on both products because of the new functionality and ease of use. Simple things such as the integrated search functionality in Vista and the authoring and graphocal functions in Office are just awesome. As far as the learnongcurve is considered; a walk in the parc for anyone who is used to using a PC with industry standard software …

I will be upgrading my Windows Media Center next weekend to t Windows Vista Ultimate (Dutch). I just need to check some drivers and upgrade my graphics adapter.

Keep you posted.