Richard Brandt : "Microsoft CAN beat Google"

Richard Brandt runs a blog with the prime spotlight on Google. He gives his view on a competitive scenario between Google and Microsoft. Who knows …

… I surfaced from the blogoshpere for a while and started asking entrepreneurs and other pundits about Google’s flaws. Customer service was a big one, as well as (of course) Google’s secrecy. Close behind was its neglect of existing products.

I had previously assumed that Google would be diligently upgrading its products until they worked well. After all, it can afford to, and it releases them early and collects a lot of feedback from online beta testers. But I may be wrong. I think about Froogle, which for some reason has never worked very well. I get better results just using a standard Google search.

That’s where Microsoft comes in. One thing it has is tenacity. It may not innovate very well, but whenever it goes after a category it bangs away at it until it gets it (mostly) right. That’s how Microsoft has taken over market after market in the past. …

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Peter de Haas
Peter de Haas

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