Microsoft Owns 96.97% of Global OS Market, a provider of real-time intelligence web analytics has revealed via a press release that Microsoft’s solutions are dominating the OS global market. In this context, the analytics company has centralized data from an estimated 50.000 subscribers in excess of 100 countries. The conclusions emitted are that Microsoft amassed a global usage share of 96.97% with just three products.

While Windows 2000 is the second most popular operating system in the world being found on 6.09% of machines, Windows XP is the incontestable leader, amounting 86.80% of the OS market. Coming in third is another Microsoft solution. Windows 98 was deemed obsolete by the Redmond Company that has even stopped delivering support for the operating system that still runs 2.68% of the world’s computers.

Macintosh is fourth with 2.32%, but immediately followed by yet another Microsoft title, Windows ME with 1.09%. Open source solutions have scored a disappointing position, Linux accounting just for 0.36%, while Windows NT came in seventh position with 0.24%. With a 0.15% Macintosh Power PC closes the rank in last place.

Source : Thanks Peter O’Kelly