Live Communications Server integration in Notes Domino applications

Although I’d much rather see other scenario’s this this one J it is pretty cool to see that the integration of Microsoft Live Communications Server in Notes Domino applications is pretty straight forward.

Gary Devendorf has created an example over on his blog :

The Live Communication Server folks have a set of controls that work in any application that can call COM. LotusScript can call COM so I created a demo (see below)

Set personaList = uidoc.GetObject("PersonaList Class")

personaList.AddURI( EMailAddress)

Are the 2 lines of code used to add a person to the list control to monitor.

Also you can hover or right click to start a session or call the person (also below). I got the LCS folks to make some changes to the list control so it can be called from LotusScript. Look for a posting of this updated toolkit soon.

Look for details and some screenshots over on : GARYDEV — a blog by Gary Devendorf