Gary Devendorf’s new community site :


Gary Devendorf has launched a new community site ‘For developers of .Net and Lotus Notes Applications’ :

As Gary stated in a blogpost just over a month ago; IBM didn’t like the the name of his previous site :

I have a new community site – based on Microsoft technolgy – coming on line soon at "". No it’s not there yet but soon. Seems IBM didn’t like my Domino based site that was the ugliest site on the net for over 2 years. Seems I was hurting the "Domino Brand". In any case, the new site will be more interactive. An early version can be found at which is also going away. So if you have bookmarked, it’s going to change. Some thought I should redirect to because IBM seems to be OK with that brand. Hey I get a new site so once again IBM is helping me out.