Good news : TypePad supports Feedburner feeds

A good coincidence … only a few days ago I mentioned that I needed to make some changes to Typepad in order to ensure that all reader subscribe to my main RSS Feed, this being my Feedburner Feed. This seemed a big issue because my Typepad subscription does not allow me to make any changes to the code …

Today I read that TypePad and Feedburner struck a deal to do just what I hoped should be possible :- ) 

We’ve been working closely with our friends at Six Apart to improve the connection between TypePad blogs and FeedBurner feeds, and lo, the integration is complete. Starting today, you can choose to connect your TypePad feed to FeedBurner, thereby taking advantage of all of the subscriber measurement and feed promotion tools that are there for the taking. You can also disconnect your feed from FeedBurner just as easily. Chocolate and peanut butter aside, we think this integration is pretty tasty.

More info over on : and

I still think going for Feedburner as early as I did in the process was the right choice. I has allowed be to move and integrate blogs without loosing subscribers. Now with the new integration I hope to find out that my statistics will increase because a number of reader had subscribed to the native RSS feed in Feedburner ….

Update 14-6-2006

Although TypePad has announced this feature, the Dutch UI still does not contain this new (and desired) feature : – (

I have contacted support and they confirmed there is usually a short delay … Let’s hope this is confirmed very soon.