Busy (e)Week for Microsoft’s Collaboration platform

eWeek features a number of Collaboration related articles featuring Microsoft ..

The first article digs into SharePoint Server and some of the new capabilities it brings : MS SharePoint Server Answers Collaboration Questions

… eWEEK Labs: Judging by the beta version, Office SharePoint Server 2007 will be a welcome upgrade.

What is the glue that binds the client components of Microsoft’s next-generation productivity suite, Office 2007?

How will office workers share data, files and knowledge collaboratively? Is there a Microsoft solution for building portals, enterprise Web sites and records repositories?

And does Microsoft have a product that provides Web 2.0 capabilities such as blogging, wikis and social networking?

When Microsoft ships Office 2007 early next year, there will be one answer to all of these questions: Office SharePoint Server 2007 …

The second article gives an overview from a collaboration / productivity perspective; highlighting new functionality in Outlook, OneNote and Groove : Collaboration Drives Office 2007

… Tech Analysis: Tighter integration of shared applications in Office 2007 may offer productivity gains.

For many users, Office 2007 will present an opportunity to work more collaboratively than they ever have before because of the ease with which they will be able to share documents and manage document workflow. …

…With Office 2003, Microsoft introduced online document collaboration through Windows SharePoint Services, a set of technologies running on Windows Server 2003 that allowed users to work on documents together in real time.

With the beta release of Office 2007, Microsoft has improved on the platform by tightly integrating Office SharePoint Server 2007 in such a way that it functions as the back end for more structured document and content management. By default, Office SharePoint Services users can share documents from an Office application by saving the document to their personal SharePoint sites.

Users will get additional workflow tools as part of these sites; the tools can be used to manage simple approval and revision processes, as well as to define workflow to shepherd documents through a given process. …

I noticed that there are some open ended questions with regards to the role of Groove in the Microsoft platform. I will do a few posts on Groove integration in the coming weeks to show just how very well it blends in …