Microsoft joins OpenDocument group

These are goods developments if you ask me. From my perspective a lot of the ODF discussion is based on the ABM (Anything But Microsoft) (got that from my collegue Pieter) objective. Hopefully this can start the process of how one can benefit the other …

Microsoft has joined a committee that has a key role in the ratification of the OpenDocument format as an international standard.

Microsoft asked to join the INCITS/V1 Technical Committee on March 15. This committee is responsible for reconciling the votes that are cast by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) over the acceptance of the OpenDocument format. …

… “In order for Jim to participate in the future Open XML File Format work he needs to have standing in JTC1 SC 34 (a committee that mirrors INCITS/V1) which mandates participation over time. His presence in this group will have no impact upon the voting process for the ODF standard. Just as we have a seat on the board of Oasis and have not participated in the ODF process there, we will not participate in the JTC1 process,” Jason Matusow, Microsoft’s director of standards affairs, said in a statement.

This news comes shortly after Microsoft announced the formation of a new developer effort centered around its open file formats, known as the Open XML Formats Developer Group. According to Microsoft, 39 companies have signed up already, including Intel, Apple Computer and Toshiba. ..

The article also contains some “evil empire” theories which you may want to read depending on your liking …

The article is over on : ZDNet

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