Forrester: 2.0/StarOffice 8: Imitation, Not Innovation

My point exactly …but it sounds so much better when someone else says it 🙂 and its commercial counterpart, Sun Microsystem’s StarOffice 8, recently introduced new versions of the market’s top open source desktop productivity suite. 2.0 mimics Microsoft Office in many ways and offers new, interesting file format and macro conversion capabilities. However, a lack of innovation and no real improvement over the market’s leading desktop productivity suite makes 2.0 little more than a cheap Office imitation and a step back for information workers; exhibited by a potential productivity killer in bumbling collaborative document editing support. Enterprises with information workers entrenched in Office should pass despite the cost savings, while others seeking lower costs; like public sector organizations and organizations that haven’t grown up with Microsoft; should not simply write off 2.0, but instead, should take a closer look. Just don’t expect innovation.

[Via Recent Research from Forrester]