Corporate VoIP Market, 2005-2009

The latest study by The Radicati Group, “Corporate VoIP Market, 2005-2009” provides an in-depth analysis of the worldwide Corporate IP Telephony market, including installed base, market size, market share by vendor, breakouts by region, and analysis of key vendor products and strategies.

The study focuses on vendors of on-site deployed corporate IP PBXs, both hybrid and pure play. It does not include hosted solutions or IP Centrex.
The study shows that a majority of companies, especially medium to larger sized companies, are gradually upgrading their PBXs to hybrid IP/TDM solutions. This allows corporations to migrate to IP telephony at their own pace, rather than completely overhauling their telephony network. The study estimates that by 2009, 74% of all corporate telephony lines will be IP lines.

Worldwide revenue for hybrid and pure IP PBXs is expected to grow from approximately $1.5 billion in 2005, to $9.9 billion in 2009.

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