Empowering the Microsoft Portal

… Open Text has a new tool, LiveLink for Microsoft SharePoint Document Archiving.
Of course, document archiving is what portals like SharePoint already do, so you may be wondering what value Open Text could add atop that.

It’s a question readily answered by Jens Rabe, director of compliance solutions for Open Text. “If you’re storing information of regulatory relevance, how do you make sure that the SQL Server survives for 7-10 years? The SEC requires lots of information to be kept on a write-once device; how do you save a database on a write-once device?”

Those are arguments for moving your archive-worthy information off SharePoint’s SQL Server back end and on to an enterprise repository like that of Open Text, which Rabe says is also more scalable than SQL server and can act as a back end for any number of deployments, whether from SharePoint, SAP, Siebel, or any other system. …

Coontinued at source : Line56.com